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Last update: 17.07.2023

This document (together with all the documents mentioned in it) establishes the terms and conditions governing the use of this website – https://qoobiss.com/ (hereinafter the “Website”).

The purpose of the Website is to present and promote a personalized KYC (Know Your Customer) solution for digital identity verification, used for the rapid registration of customers in various industries, provided by the company CREDIMATIC NETWORK S.R.L. and contracting, through the Website, with potential customers interested in these services.

Please read these Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy, and Privacy Policy before using the Website.

By accessing and using the Website, you expressly acknowledge the mandatory nature of these documents and undertake to comply with them.  

  1. WHO WE ARE?


Our contact details are:
Address of the headquarters: Ilfov County, Voluntari City, Bld. Pipera, no. 1/i, Admax Center Building, office 6, 3rd floor
Email address: dpo@qoobis.com 
Phone number: 0040-0722.228.088 / 0040-758.038.193


The company is the exclusive holder of all intellectual property rights related to the content of the Website, including but not limited to: articles, text, photos, illustrations, music, audio and video clips, trademarks, logos, and patterns.

Visitors to the Website can access, download, and print materials published on the Website for personal use only and for non-commercial purposes.

As a result of any of these actions, visitors to the Website do not acquire or are not granted any rights, titles, or legitimate interests in the materials published on the Website. No part of the content of the Website over which the Company has intellectual property rights may be reproduced, distributed, or published in any form, for any purpose, or by any means, without the prior written consent of the Company.

Therefore, visitors to the Website declare that, by the mere use of the Website, they understand and agree not to copy, modify, sell, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, or create works/derivatives based on the information published on the Website. 

  1. TERMS
  1. Seller/Company – CREDIMATIC NETWORK S.R.L.
  2. Visitor – any individual/legal person interested in the personalized KYC solution for digital identity verification used for the rapid registration of customers in various industries offered by the Company and who has access to the content of the Site.
  3. Client – any legal person who has access to the services offered by the Company through the site, by any means of communication provided by the Company (electronic, telephone, etc.), following direct contact with its representatives or completing online contact/appointment forms, resulting in a specific contract between the parties.
  4. Site – the online store hosted at the web address https://qoobiss.com/;
  5. Request – a form of communication between the Company and the Client through the Site, in which the latter conveys his intention to purchase the services/personalized KYC solution for digital identity verification promoted through the Site provided by the Company;
  6. Commercial Communications / Newsletter – any type of message sent (email, phone, mobile push, web push, etc.) containing general and thematic information, information about similar or complementary services/solutions to those purchased from the website, information about promotional prices,

By using the Website, you agree to:

  1. Not to make any false or fraudulent requests. In case we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have made such a request, we have the right not to respond to it and to inform the competent authorities accordingly.
  2. To provide us with your full name, email address, and/or other correct and accurate contact information. If you do not provide us with all the information we need, we may not be able to respond to your request or process your order.

By using the Website in any way and for any purpose, you declare that you meet the legal requirements, i.e., that you have the legal capacity to enter into legal agreements that give rise to your obligations in these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. 

The mere use of the Website and/or the submission of a request through the online contact/appointment form and the response to this request or order do not bind the Company in any way to the visitor/potential Client, and do not represent the conclusion of a contract between the Company and the visitor/potential Client. 

Through the Website, the Company invites the Website visitor, and potential client to contract for the services provided by it.

Thus, by clicking on the Home section, the visitor or potential Client becomes aware of the solution and the use and issues that can be resolved through the introduction of KYC technology – Know Your Customer for the rapid identification of customers.

By clicking on the How it works section, the steps for implementing the Qoobiss technology for the rapid identification of customers are described. By clicking on the Industries section, the domains/industries where the KYC product/technology for the rapid identification of customers is used are presented (financial services, medical services, Telecom, sports betting, Virtual Wallets & Crypto, alcohol sales, other services such as: investment funds, insurance distributor, fundraising platforms).

The visitor, and potential Client will contact the Company (by completing the Online Contact/Appointment Form or by using any of the contact details published on the Website and provided at point 1 of these Terms and Conditions) for negotiations and the conclusion of a service contract in this regard.

In the respective contract, all essential elements for its conclusion will be established according to the law, but also specific ones, for example: the obligations and rights of the Parties, the price of the contracted services, guarantees, liability, etc.


The Company does not assume responsibility for any damages that the Website visitor, potential Client, or any other third party may suffer as a result of using the Website in any way or for any purpose or as a result of the Company’s compliance with any of its legal and/or contractual obligations.

The visitor will use the services offered through the Website entirely at their own risk. They are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information transferred/received through the Website and for processing it in accordance with legal provisions on personal data protection. Information of any kind presented through the Website is provided by the Company in the form and content in which it was received or taken, without modifications.

The Company does not guarantee and does not assume responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, or timeliness of any of this information. 


We have the right to revise and modify the Terms and Conditions occasionally and at our discretion.

You are responsible for reading the Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy, and Privacy Policy in their entirety because the updated version in force at the time of using the Website will apply. 


The use of the Website and the conclusion, execution, and termination of contracts concluded with the Company through the Website will be governed by Romanian law.

Any disputes arising from or in connection with the use of the Website or the conclusion, execution, and termination of these contracts will be resolved amicably, or if this is not possible, the disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian judicial authorities. 


The processing of personal data by the Company is carried out in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“General Data Protection Regulation”) and relevant national data protection legislation.

For more details about the processing of personal data, please refer to the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

For any questions or requests regarding the protection of personal data, please contact us at the email address: dpo@qoobis.com.

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