KYC Crypto & Crypto Wallets

KYC crypto solutions build trust for cryptocurrency market and keeps the exchanges and custodian wallets compliant with regulatory requirements!

An important step for compliance to anti-money laundering and anti-bribery standards

The main objective of the QOOBISS solution is to prevent financial or non-financial entities from being used by criminal organizations for money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illegal purposes.

Why KYC Crypto solutions are so important in a digital financial world

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets might be a viable alternative to regular banking services. As an upcoming financial exchange medium, cryptocurrency must follow KYC Crypto processes, in order to appeal for mass adoption.

By implementing KYC processes, digital businesses can gain a proper understanding of their customers and their financial dealings and are able to reject applicants with questionable or risky backgrounds.

KYC solutions demonstrate active risk assessment on the part of exchanges, helping to stabilize the market through increased trust and therefore safe use of cryptocurrencies. QOOBISS creates fast onboarding solutions for the newest digital trends.

How does QOOBISS AML/KYC software work?

Step 1
Online identity verification

Different types of identity documents are checked automatically, in different languages and from hundreds of countries. Customer’s essential data are extracted using AI, to verify the identity, then saved and reused, if necessary, in case of particularly high-volume crypto transactions.

Step 2
Face capture

An instant photo with the customer’s face it’s used to biometrically authenticate the person’s identity. Qoobiss use passive liveness detection technology to avoid time consuming manual verifications.

Step 3
Customer authentication

Qoobiss solution use the instant face capture to create a biometric template and to compare the customer’s biometrics with the photo on the ID document.  In a few seconds, the possibility of an impersonation fraud can be eliminated and the authentication procedure is validated.

Step 4
Anti-Money Laundering compliance verification

To fight against financial crime in the crypto world, Qoobiss deploy an end-to-end AML compliance verification for each customer, checking global risk data bases and updated watchlists.

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