KYC Solutions for Telecom Companies

QOOBISS is ready to deliver a digitized and swift method of onboarding for telecom clients, while preventing fraudulent activities.

A 100% automated AML/KYC solutions for telecom customers

With QOOBISS solution, you have an automated and customizable system, ready to identify and verify seamlessly millions of customers, through a very user-friendly interface. This is a reliable solution to reduce data manipulation and identity fraud risks, especially for prepaid subscribers.

Why telecom industry needs efficient Identity Verification solutions

Telecom industry has a high fraud risk. With a continual increase in identity fraud, correctly verifying every customer or potential customer has become crucial to increase security and reduce fraud.

A robust AML/KYC solutions for telecom service providers to improve the overall experience for their clients. Since customers’ onboarding process becomes hassle-free, they feel confident about their relationship with the provider.

Apart from simplifying the onboarding process, the role of AML/KYC in the telecommunication industry is to keep fraud at bay by verifying the authenticity of the documents customers provide. QOOBISS offer a proper AML/KYC solutions for telecom companies helps them to authenticate their customers and ensure the holder is the rightful owner. It also allows telecom companies to evaluate the risks associated with customers using different checks.

How does QOOBISS AML/KYC software work?

Step 1
Reliable ID Verification

Real time verification and authentication check of IDs:

Document authenticity validation

Automatic Data Identification

Fast and precise results each time

Step 2
Take a selfie

Qoobiss utilizes groundbreaking detection technology as a means to verify that the live selfie is a true depiction of the customer and not a fake image.

Step 3
Face Recognition

The latest AI technology used by Qoobiss is able to compare the live selfie and the photo found on the ID document for the purpose of verifying each customer’s identity.

Step 4
AML Screening

Qoobiss can verify your customer’s information in order to ensure it is not present in any known risk list across the globe.

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