KYC Betting

With our reliable solution, each sports betting operator can speed up the onboarding process, stay compliant with current regulations and reduce the level of fraud, saving time and money.

QOOBISS provide customized and scalable KYC sports betting solutions, that helps you to stay in the game

Using comprehensive and cost-efficient KYC betting solution to verify player’s age and identity, we deliver accurate results in real time, get him playing right away and protect any gambling or gaming business against financial crimes and fraud risks.

KYC betting solutions to face challenges in sports betting industry

Criminal enterprises use online gaming industry for money laundering, fraud, embezzlement and corruption. Gaming and gambling businesses are forced to protect themselves, but, at the same time, to provide flawless onboarding experience, without adding frictions for players.

KYC betting software is on the way to become the primary tool to manage financial and customer data. The software will support risk analysts and security managers in identifying the potential threats and eliminating any adverse impact on the business.

GDPR implementation also requires an increased investment in technological developments. Digitalized data onboarding, managing sensitive data and data enrichment processes will be required to meet the requirements of GDPR.

An increased investment in technology is required to ensure that automatic data onboarding, managing of sensitive data and data enrichment processes are being handled securely.

How does QOOBISS AML/KYC software work?

Step 1
Automatic ID Card/Passport verification

Qoobiss solution collect personal information of an online player by ask him to upload a valid identity proof.

The document is identified and examined in real time, to ensure that the uploaded proof it’s genuine. Data about identity and age are automatically extracted from the document.

Step 2
Upload a live selfie

The player takes a selfie using a webcam or his personal smartphone. In this stage, our liveness technology offers automated protection against spoofing, bot attacks, impersonators, lookalikes etc.

Step 3
Biometric face match

Qoobiss’ facial biometric technology can confirm players’ identity comparing the selfie to existing data from the identity document.

Step 4
AML screening

Once the player’s identity confirmed, Qoobiss software runs an AML check in local and international data bases, sanction watchlist, to detect any fraud patterns.

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