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The ultimate goal of a KYC solution is to identify and validate each seller at the onboarding on the marketplace, to prevent malpractice and to protect end-customers.

KYC solutions for safer distant services

As a facilitator between sellers and buyers, a marketplace must process third party funds as any other payment service provider or financial institution. Therefore, KYC/AML solutions must be implemented.

An efficient defense against fraud? Automation is the answer

The e-commerce platforms can provide distant services, offered by multiple third-party sellers. Each online trade hub aims to build a compliant, safe and seamless onboard process for users to do business.

Performant KYC/AML solutions can prevent the most known frauds in these marketplaces: money-laundering, chargeback fraud and purchase fraud. Automation makes the fight against marketplace frauds easier.

QOOBISS solution can detect and prevent fraud cases and other malicious actions using ongoing biometric authentication. With this single solution you can have user verification and regulatory compliance in one place.

How does QOOBISS AML/KYC software work?

Step 1
Verify the user's ID

Important data are fast and accurate extracted from uploaded identity documents by AI technology. Qoobiss solution can authenticate user’s identity in real time and perform a seamless onboard process for sellers and buyers.

Step 2
Real time selfie

Biometric technology protects against stolen identities and impersonation attacks. Using a selfie send by user, Qoobiss compare the facial similarities with the photo from the ID document.

Step 3
Liveness checks

Active and passive liveness detection techniques are used to detect a spoof attempt by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation.

Step 4
Screen users against PEPs and AML watchlists

To comply with regulations and fight against marketplace frauds, Qoobiss’ performant AML/KYC solution screen users against global PEPs and sanctions watchlists.

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