KYC Medical Institutions

Use a trusted solution to identify your patients, comply with regulatory requirements and prevent fraud in the healthcare industry.

KYC medical institutions software from QOOBISS with multiple benefits for medical services

Using the latest AI-powered biometric solutions, QOOBISS increase the comfort during patient onboarding process and fight with medical identity fraud. A rapid cross-checking of various local and global watch list ensures total compliance with regulatory requirements.

The importance of automated KYC medical institutions procedures for healthcare organizations

Medical identity theft is rising fast and becoming a concern for both healthcare providers and patients.

Fraud in the healthcare industry sometimes refer to copy credit cards of another person and make payments using them. Fraudsters also use medical insurance data of a person to obtain healthcare benefits or buy prescription drugs.

For healthcare industry, the goal of an AMC/KYC medical institutions solution is to make sure that the medical organizations know everything about a potential client or business partner before making any business deals with that entity.

QOOBISS solution authenticate users through document and facial verification techniques. This allows it to determine if a person is using stolen or fake credentials and prevent their attempts to defraud the system.

How does QOOBISS AML/KYC software work?

Step 1
Photo-based Identity Document Verification

Live verification and authentication of ID documents:

Fast authenticity check

Automatic Data Recognition

Accurate results every time

Step 2
Take a photograph

By using cutting-edge detection technology and a live selfie, Qoobiss can identify if the user is a human being or an inanimate artifact, picture or video.

Step 3
Face Identification

Qoobiss uses AI technology in order to verify the customer’s identity. The algorithm will compare the photo from the ID document with the live selfie to ensure it is indeed the same person in both of them.

Step 4
AML Watchlist Screening

Qoobiss is able to verify if your customer’s data is present in any international high risk database.

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