KYC Solutions for Business and KYC Products

Our service is used in various industries, due to an excellent understanding of specific issues, a fine balance between different regulatory obligations and customer experience, scalable solutions, and secure protocols.

Financial Services - KYC solutions for business/KYC products

KYC AML software are essential for financial institutions to fight against online fraud. Mandatory by law in almost all jurisdictions, these practices entail carrying out verifications, monitoring of potential fraud and cross-checking information in relation to the customer onboarding. The QOOBISS KYC Financial Institutions software uses AI technology to offer accurate results, in real time, increasing conversion rates, improving customer experience and helping fintech companies to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Medical Services - KYC solutions for business/KYC products

For better healthcare services, it is important to have a smart and balanced approach to patient identification. KYC or KYP (Know Your Patient) procedures are an efficient solution for fast patient identification, in order to help identify insurance frauds. By using the QOOBISS software, healthcare institutions can handle sensitive personal information and speed up the onboarding and identification procedures for patients.

Telecom - KYC solutions for business/KYC products

With millions of customers, telecommunications service providers are facing high fraud threats everyday, such as SIM-swaps. Our KYC AML software provides detailed identity verification for new and existing customers, in compliance with local regulatory requirements. For the telecom industry, this automated identity verification process is very important to manage prepaid mobile subscribers.

Sports betting - KYC solutions for business/KYC products

In this industry, players’ ID verification procedures are mandatory, to ensure global and local regulatory compliances. As the sports betting operators must verify the clients’ identity and age, they also must protect themselves against fraud and money laundering risks. QOOBISS KYC betting uses secure, cost-efficient, comprehensive and flexible solutions that can be easily integrated into sports betting operators’ workflow.

Virtual & Crypto wallets - KYC solutions for business/KYC products

QOOBISS builds software that meets the newest digital trends in the business world. The AML/KYC Crytpo solution is designed to comply with the regulatory requirements for virtual and Crypto wallets and to provide fast onboarding for customers. Companies can identify high-risk transactions, keep the records for all activities and follow multiple crypto wallets with a single smart solution.

Alcohol sales - KYC solutions for business/KYC products

Alcohol is an age-restricted product category with strict rules. It is also an industry where conversion rates are key and maintaining a seamless user experience during the age authentication process is crucial for the business. The KYC AML software from QOOBISS helps companies to create a customer friendly environment and makes verifying users’ age and identities much easier. The result is a higher satisfaction rate, better conversions and increased revenue.

Miscellaneous distant services - KYC solutions for business/KYC products

For companies that market investment and insurance distribution services to consumers remotely (investment funds, investment marketplaces, insurance distributors, crowdfunding platforms etc.), it is very important to have a safer and faster onboarding process. QOOBISS’ KYC AML software protect any marketplace from fraud cases and other malicious actions, creating a safe environment for a large global customer base.

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