Fully automated KYC solution by Qoobiss for fast client onboarding

Qoobiss, a digital identity verification startup, based in Romania, has launched an automated Know-Your Customer (KYC) solution that enables companies to verify their customers’ identities digitally while maintaining complete data privacy.

With the Qoobiss KYC solution, companies can now save time and money by using 100% online identity verification. The AI-powered biometric technology in this software maximizes customer onboarding while also ensuring fast accurate compliance with AML/KYC standards for total data privacy throughout your company’s processes – all at one low price.

“Our product can be used in various industries, such as fintech, blockchain, e-commerce, or even medical, due to our team’s excellent understanding of specific issues and the fine balance between different regulatory obligations and the need for improved customer experience, as we ensure a scalable solution and secure protocols.”, said Alexandru Rizea, CTO at Qoobiss.

The Qoobiss software can be used by European companies to validate the identification data of their customers with photographs from valid ID’s when they create an online account for first time or upon login into another website. The program scans your document and extracts all necessary information before running a quick background check on you- ensuring that no one else has access but yourself.

The software is used in various industries, due to an excellent understanding of specific issues, a fine balance between different regulatory obligations and customer experience, scalable solutions, and secure protocols. Financial services, telecom, medical services, distant services, virtual & crypto wallets are the most important fields where this solution can be implemented.

The Fintech industry is empowered by Qoobiss to automatically check PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) databases. The API allows companies access advanced electronic signature technology, which can be used for validating any pdf conversions between partners as well as their clients’ approval processes without needing an agent or contact person on site.