KYC Age Verification for Alcohol Industry

Use trusted KYC solutions to verify the age of the customers and have secure in-store and online alcohol sales.

KYC age verification for alcohol industry - A fully automated age verification solution from QOOBISS

Rather than implementing a basic age checkbox, an automated identity and age verification system can protect alcohol retailers to onboard only eligible clients and stay compliant. Our solution is easy to use, efficient and secure.

The importance of using AI technology to verify a customer’s identity

Online age verification is a secure way to verify and validate the age of customers making purchases online. By using AI-based identity verification solutions (KYC age verification for alcohol industry), businesses can verify the identity of a user more securely and in real-time without extra delays.

An omni-channel solution is fully automated and provides verification within minutes. With desktop and mobile solutions, it can be easily integrated into the sales process.

AI-based online identity verification solutions like QOOBISS could help online alcohol retailers to restrict under-age users in real-time without creating obstacles for legitimate customers.

How does QOOBISS AML/KYC software work?

Step 1
Age & ID verification

For age-restricted products, first step in the Qoobiss AML/KYC software process includes a digital age verifier solution. The AI technology check the identity document of the client and verify if the person’s age lies within the age interval specified by the alcohol merchant.

Step 2
Take & upload a selfie

The physical presence of the client must be demonstrated with a selfie, uploaded from a smartphone or a computer and analyzed by an algorithm.

Step 3
Liveness Detection

Using the liveness detection technology, Qoobiss software determines in just a few seconds whether the client’s selfie is a live person or a fake representation.

Step 4
Compliance & regulatory obligations

The software combines all the above information with updated data bases for quick identification of persons who are prohibited from certain industries and activities or those associated with criminal activities.

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