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Qoobiss provides KYC AML software in various fields: alcohol industry, crypto, banks, medical, telecom and betting. Our personalized Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solution for digital identity verification is used to fast onboarding of clients in various industries. Qoobiss is designed to be scalable, easy to implement and use, personalized for specific business and 100% online based.

Who we are

Qoobiss is a leading European company providing digital identity verification services. Highly reliable, secured and completely automated solutions are developed and customized for a wide range of industries. Innovative and reliable, our solutions protect companies against fraud and ensure compliance with different regulatory obligations. Qoobiss enables companies to verify their customers while maintaining complete data privacy.

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Our story

Qoobiss is a technological and conceptual continuation of Credimatic Network, a company established in 2016, focused on the development of software and hardware technical solutions for the fintech industry. Credimatic Network introduced on the market innovative technologies for distant customer service aimed at improving customer experience, processing time reduction and operational costs optimization.

Over time, we extended our competence in various industries, building software solutions with the latest AI-powered biometric technologies and in 2021 we launched QOOBISS.

Our successful solutions


Credimatic is a front office solution, both hardware and software, created to automate all the steps of the lending process, starting from loan application and ending with loan agreement signing. Using data verification from the applicant’s ID and from the Credit Bureau database, this technology enables automated loan approval, result validation and credit agreement issuing in less than an hour.

The solution is a combination between digital lending technology and the lending based on paper workflow, both of which are provided fully automatically.

This solution is very useful for the customers who have not yet fully embraced digitization, offering great benefits in terms of time and cost savings.


The online platform helps loan applicants assess their creditworthiness and calculate their odds to qualify for a loan. CreditScore uses quantitative indicators, the main characteristics of the applicant and parameters of the requested type of loan to calculate the risk probability associated with a loan. 

The final score is based on statistical data from the financial and non-financial credit institutions, the maximum degree of indebtedness established by the regulations and the credit history of the applicant.

Credius Pay online technology

This Credius Pay online technology provides both online shopping and online lending services, which run simultaneously. While purchasing products online, the customer is provided with the possibility of an instant loan and is enabled to use the amount to instantly pay for goods in his shopping cart. CrediusPay makes the whole lending and buying experience simple and effortless.

a meeting online

We all know that time is money so contact us to set an online meeting with our team to find more about our products and to discover more ways in which we can boost your business.


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